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Thanks and Appreciation about Pranic Healing Treatment

  • Malati Marathe, Kothrud, Pune. : A Welfare Measure in Curing Ailments view details
  • To lead rest of my life in a bed-ridden condition was a terrible thought which was experienced with great pain. on the 11st Sept 2008 as all the efforts of treating a blockage of nerve have gone futile by the doctors. Even the experts were of the opinion that I may live in bed-ridden condition forever till I survive.

    10 years back on 28 Dec. 1999. I was operated for my thigh bone fractured 1.5 inch below the joint area by putting rod in it. Thereafter, in Dec. 2003 a 2 months course of tablets were continued for the pain in my thigh. On 21 July 2004 I experienced severe pains near the area of operation. For which I underwent nerve-blockage treatment. Again on 25 Dec. 2005 I started facing the same problem and was again treated upon..... On 1 Sep. 2006 physiotherapy applied for stress injury below knee and stacked to bed for 2 months. Heavy dose of medicines were given and so I felt better.

    Lastly, before a year on 11 Sep. 2008 severe pain started at the operated area. Hence X-ray was carried out and made clear that the bone around the rod was not healed and thereby a room (space) existed. The remedy for this was to remove the plate and re-operation to be made for cementing. But, due to the age factor the bones had became more spongy, so I could not stand or walk properly thereafter. The experts concluded that I had to be bed-ridden till my last breath. Hence re-operation could not be done. I was very much shocked and thought in my mind as to what kind of sins I have done in my life so as to lead such a meaningless life like this. It was a rigorous imprisonment for me. I was extremely sad and was in a terrible state. After some days I came to my senses as before.

    I have kept in my mind that everyone has to go through such type of difficulties, but we have to see as to how we can face it by our strong willpower. It is not a serious illness, but it is creditable that intellect and rest of the organs are safe and workable.

    Basically, I am calm and quiet in nature, having Adhyatmic/Spiritual -base and positive attitude towards life, I could control my self fully. I have regularised my daily routine-exercising for passing the time at ease along with Yogasanas, Pranayam, limited diet, Adhyatmic/ Spiritual and by reading, watching TV etc. So many things are invented daily by the scientists, but can there be an invention suitable for me? And whether it can be within my capacity? And, if so it would be a Golden opportunity for me.

    The other day, I have read Nileema tai's Article in 'Muktapeeth' on Pranic Healing – a personal experience and a Ray of Hope enlightened for me. This type of therapy may suit me. I thought and tried to approach Nileema Tai. She also guided me and asked me to contact her healer. So I contacted Sri. Yogesh Chandorkar and discussed my problem with him. He assured me not to worry about my illness and would be out of it within days to come and could walk too. His assurance made my mind calm and quiet at once as nobody was confident of my recovery.

    On 20th April 2009, the treatment (Healing) started as advised. An improvement was experienced within 4 days of the commencement of the treatment. After 15 days later, my leg which was senseless for the last 9 months could be lifted for an inch and so I become hopeful about the treatment and made my mind clear that my ailment would be cured fully. Thus, improvement was observed gradually and after 5 months I could do my daily routine chores without the help of others. I could move by myself within the house.

    Its really a miracle that has happened. An this has been possible only through Pranic Healing.

    Most of us may not be knowing that such a life-saving remedial treatment is in existence. I express my heartiest gratitudes with many many thanks to them who have invented this system of treatment in getting patients cured.

    It's healing process without applying any medicine, injections, surgery and comparatively less-expensive one. It cures normal as well as chronic illnesses and minimises their severity. More or less time can be taken for healing the diseases depending on their condition. Positive attitude towards treatment, full faith on the healer and pleasing nature of the patient will definitively be beneficial.

    Now I could stand firmly on my own feet and carry out daily routine works easily. I am very much grateful to Nileema tai who has given me a valuable guidance and my healer (therapist) Shri. Yogesh Chandorkar who has strengthened my mind and treated me with great care as well as his teacher Shri. Watve too.

    The aim of writing this Article is to help many patients like me for getting valuable benefits through this Healing system. You can learn this system within a day or two thereby you can treat yourself as well as your family members too.
  • Mrs. Anupama Galgali's (Thane, Maharashtra) (Problem : Vertigo) view details
  • From August 2009 I suddenly developed a problem of vertigo. Vomiting, fainting and problems of headache started appearing. Pulse rate was unpredictably increasing. However Reports were normal. Most of the doctors could not diagnose it. we changed the medicines, and then the doctors. But to no avail. The problem became more severe . No medical systems helped. I couldn't walk and was losing balance. Even a little movement need me feel uneasy. Ultimately it affected my sleep and my peace of mind .

    For a change I came to Pune. My neighbour Mrs.Risbud who was suffering from chronic knee joint was cured through Pranic Healing. Her experience was published in the Local News paper (Daily Sakaal). She suggested me to meet Dr. Yogesh. I invite Dr.Yogesh to my residence and told him about my health problems . Dr Yogesh treated me for a while. The very same day I could feel the difference in my body i.e. I could walk more steadily and had a good sound sleep for 2 hours . Within next couple of days I could move outside with great confidence with the help of Dr.Yogesh's Pranic treatment. After a few sessions I was back to normal as earlier and within 6 months I saw a remarkable difference in myself and I feel much confident like before.
  • Smt, uttarkar from Wai, ( Hip Joint Ball crack. ) view details
  • , she is not able to do any kind of movement, Doctor has advised to replace Ball of the joint. For this she has to go for operation, where cost was very huge. She had taken many kinds of therapy but it was useless. Her husband and son came in my clinic with photograph of her, on dated 3 May 2010. Her son is professor therefore he is not able to believe in this. Patient is at Wai and doctor is in Pune. That how can his mother feel better there? They have doubt on this but they gone through the article published in (Sakal, Muktapeet), that an old woman of bed-ridden patient with 79 years, where she got recovered. They have thought in mind, lets see what is this ! And treatment line started by telephone and we have observed that she developed slowly i.e. she can seat and stand can walk with the help of stick. On bed she followed her leg can sit comfortably. One 6th June 2010 means after one month 4 days, she came personally to visit in Pune clinic.
    This you can feel as a miracle, but this not a wonder that her body has given response. Patient’s determination is very important to have positive state mind to patient’s speedy recovery. Many of time it’s seen that patient doesn’t have trust on this even though this treatment does a favour to them. Only patient should keep a trust in our self keep a watch on improvement this is expected. By opposing natural rules, wonder never happens, according to that is happens but only we don’t know that rules.
  • Smt. Minakshi Antad (Knee pains developed due to fall) view details
  • ). I got fed up by taking Diabetes medicine (severe Diabetic patient). On 17th June 2010, at evening time, when was climbing stair, on that time all of sudden, I developed stiffness in my knee, and had got fall down due to imbalance. I got lame by my right leg. I was not able to walk therefore I stopped my walk completely. I was not able to keep my right leg on the floor. On second day I spent with heat treatment to apply muscle relaxant gel do some small exercise but I had not get any relief from them. I had developed unbearable pains in my leg, groin surface and in my waist.

    One dated 19th June, I had an appointment with orthopedician and told him all history for this he had taken 2-3 x-rays, and diagnosed me thoroughly. He told me that there is no any fracture only you have deep injury and vein get constricted. You don’t have to worry. And he had prescribed to 2-3 kind of medicine i.e. calcium and pain killers and you will be going to recover within 3 to 4 days.

    But I had not told any comfort for 15 to 18 days. My medicines were being continued. I was not able to walk with the help of wall or some one’s support and have to take for my movements. I was depressed by mind. Due to diabetic my exercise is compulsory. The hullabaloo in my mind, to whom should I tell! Only sit at home and eat but in my mind there was unbearable feeling has to come where I am not able to see any possibilities. My daughter in law, where she was working in college, all of sudden one sir, from that college advised me to take an experience of Pranic Healing therapy. I accepted his advice and took an appointment of the doctor on that day. A though came in my mind, why we should take one more experience?

    One dated 4th July, we mate Dr. Chandorkar and get read of his line treatment. Sir & Madam has counsel us with very simple language. You don’t want to take any medicine, you don’t want to do any report and don’t want to follow any protocol, completely flexible method of Pranic Healing, but how much it can be helpful, which was not able to understand by us. Only we have truest with madam & sir and faith in god. According to sir, we have taken this treatment for 4 – 5 times, for this you don’t want to regularly. You can do by telephone also; due to this our way became very comfortable because I was able to walk. The doctor’s clinic is far from my residence. We have taken the treatment for 4 – 5 days continuously. After doing telephone, the effect of treatment uses to felt for sometimes for 4 hour and sometimes for shows. I was feeling better a lot, where I was able to walk, but as I pass 4 – 5 days and took rest for 2 – 3 days. After that I felt 100% better, in such that I was not having any illness. I was not able to walk such feel was not there.

    I am very thankful to sir and madam. And give them an assurance I will spread your Pranic Healing therapy to the needful people and make them relief from pains.
  • Smt. Shruti Kulkarni (Tennis Elbow) view details
  • I got a tennis elbow, so the doctor has advised me to take allopathic medicine for 15 days. After they have hanged my hand in neck but there is no improvement has observed, then I went to Niramay Clinic and they had released my bad energy from my body. Therefore, in one sitting my tennis was recovered completely.
  • Charusheela Kulkarni (Unbearable knee pain & postural edema ) view details
  • In 2010, I had developed one problem as a sudden. My leg and face has to develop swelling. I use to get body ache, where I am not able to sit with comfortably on the chair. On by walk I use to take one injection and calcium tablet and got deep in all this. I have read the advertisement of Niramay clinic and what is this! To observed and have visited? Even there also I have got sit with folding leg on the chair. I mate the doctor and it made me a miracle with in 2 to 3 hours, I was bale to take a long walk around Pune city. I have not got any pain or edema in my leg. I was feeling very light.

    So I advise, every one should take advantage of this therapy and don’t inform you but I request you for this.
  • Shri. Vijay Marathe. (Cardiac disease and others) view details
  • I had started to take treatment for Diabetic from August 2011 and in Oct. 2011 I suffered from unstable Angina, & immediately I had admitted at hospital and Angiography was done. And report said that there is more than 90% blockage in my artery and advised me to perform by-pass surgery. I was not prepared to perform this surgery. The doctor has advised me if you take complete rest, then we can start Pranic Healing treatment immediately. I agreed with this. I have got discharged from the hospital, even while talking and use to get breathlessness. By doing shave, I use to get exerted. After 15th days my breathlessness was came down. At home, I was able to move comfortably within the month my breathlessness was come down a little. I am able to walk a distance and I can able to climb staircase also. Slowly I have started to go to office. My daily routine has stared with ease. In stress-test as shown me positive changes with 4 to 6 month, I had felt very comfortable. Now while by walking I never get breathlessness. I started to attended office daily and a diabetic is also in control. I use to suffer with sodalities, giddiness.

    Vertigo, all these disorder were in series. I use to overcome one by one then, I use to victimize with other. Dr. Chandorkar has told me that if you have illness let me know to give relief that is my responsibilities. As such I use to tell him one by one and the same way I use to recover them. I have decided and don’t want various doctors and their diagnoses. I have kept all trust with Pranic Healing and get continued with it. The doctor has supported me on time to time and helped me to get out of it.

    Where now, I see like me there is a lot of patients suffering various types of disorders. Then I observed basic difference in me and them. i.e. mental strength, positive attitude and health. Pranic healing really has advantages I can tell for all with trust.

  • Smt. Jayashree. (Thyroid, Sugar and Cholesterol) view details
  • In March 2011, I have done the entire list which shows a negative result. i.e. TSH = 8.53, Sugar = 131/216, Cholesterol = 250, Triglyceride = 647.

    From this entire thing I have developed lot of tension. I have spent my 60 years of life a very nice, now I don’t want to take any kind of medicine. For non-medicinal therapy, I have got information, there with such expectation I have visited Niramay clinic. I have shown all my reports to him, and I started my treatment with in the month he told to again repeat the test. From that we will come to know a level that you show an improvement. For the month I have taken the treatment of Pranic Healing and reports shows normal as : TSH = 5.54, Sugar = 80/138, Cholesterol = 156, Triglyceride = 90.

    Without medicine, this can be possible. Which is mysterious but I have experienced as personally, you also have an experience with this.
  • Smt. Laxmi Garkal (Disorder of Hip Joint Ball) view details
  • I have developed disorder of Arthritis in the July 2002, at a sudden. (on that time my age 22 years). Doctor has advised to do x-ray. By x-ray report I come to know that my back joint ball has became inferior and told to do joint replacement. For this you will be cost to you Rs. 2 to 2.5 lakhs. But there is not 100% success for this operation. Therefore, we omitted to do operation and started to take medicine. My feet pain was unbearable i.e. even by walk, to sit or to stand. Therefore I use to get obstructions in my daily work and I developed a uncomfortable in my life. In night I was able to sleep and in a day I use to get a lot of pains. Sometimes suicidal thought use to come in my mind. So many medicine I have taken a costly treatment, I have not got any relief. Hence I use to get Irritated & suffocated.

    In June 2011, I read the article written by Dr. Yogesh Chandorkar, in Muktapeet (published by Sakal). With his appointment, he updated me for Pranic-healing treatment and with my x-ray reports he say that I can cure you completely with solid trust he had assured us and started the treatment. In week’s time, I was feeling better slowly. I had taken his treatment on regularly and my 9 year old pain was come down slowly. Today I am cured completely and life is happy. This is only possible with Pranic Healing My life is changed. Therefore If you suffering as like me then you can take Pranic Healing treatment and it make your life happy.

    Dr. Yogesh Chandorkar has mate me like a god. I am highly obliged for him.
  • Smt. Smita Rakat (Hypertension & Renal Problem) view details
  • Hello! I have a Thyroid problem from many years. In November 2008, one day all of sudden I suffered with High blood- pressure. I went to my family Doctor, where advised to do many tests. We really get frighten. We have not hared any name of the tests before. But we have done all the tests. From that we came to know that my both kidney had became beak. From that tension my blood pressure were rising up. Then I get admitted in Hospital again done various test. After nephrologists has started his line of treatment. He has started a lot of medicine where in that, husband has got retired. In this condition, suddenly, one day our brother in law Shri. Amol and his friend has taken me to Dr. Chanorker’s Niramay clinic. That couple not only started the treatment but also given a mental support for the same. Therefore, I got a lot of support. There Pranic Healing has great work. Therapy has cured my health condition with a great extent. My health were being cured as before and B.P. is also with normal.

    All the best! For Mr. & Mrs. Chandorkar. His clinic really build up life of a person without any illness, Pranic Healing treatment, you can continue your regular medicine. Due Pranic Healing we get contacted with Dr. Chandorkar by our brother in law with you.
  • Jagdish B, Hyderabad view details
  • It was in Mid July '11 I came in contact with Dr Yogesh Chandorkar through Mr G R Kulkarni (my Mama) who resides at Pune. For us Pranic Healing was a new subject and we were not much aware of the healing process which goes in and how it works. I discussed with Dr Yogesh about my father's condition. he is a Sugar patient coupled with other various ailments added to it and of-late was diagnosed for Alzheimer. he was recently discharged from hospital and then on was almost bed-ridden, not able to do his daily routine. Considering his age factor of around 89 yrs, I informed Dr Yogesh about his inability to visit his clinic, who advised me to bring my fathers latest Photograph and he will start the work.

    We were little bit astounded but decided to have few sessions, for almost 5 days we didn't notice any changes (Father might have felt changes but was not able to express or rather not in a position to explain us at that juncture) slowly we started noticing some changes in his body. he started getting hungry and used to ask us for food….. (which he never asked in last 6 months).

    it was mechanical for him to take food at regular time slots, slowly then another problem crippled-in. during the period he had suffered some urinary track problem whereby urine was completely stopped for 5 days. Dr Yogesh was informed of the situation on 4th day and he did something for smooth flow. During Sept 11 he started trying to get-up on his own or through some support. to our utter surprise 6-7 times he got up on his own and we noticed some changes now and then. today we really wonder how Dr Yogesh did this miracle, it's unbelievable but true.. wish more and more patients “ GET WELL SOON” through Dr Yogesh Chandorkar…

    Jagdish B, Hyderabad.
  • Sau. Harshad Jawdekar (Temporally Dumbness) view details
  • I was getting temporally dumbness at my left ear for one and half year. According to audiometer test is done ENT doctor. He had concluded that the vein going from left ear has got narrow. Therefore this complication was accrued. He had advised be to get operated but success rate 50% that he told. On 11 March, in the newspaper I had read about Pranic Healing therefore decided to take the treatment. I met Dr. Yogesh Chandorkar and I had started the treatment. Surprisingly my complains dumbness gas got cured within four days. I have informed to my husband and to take this treatment.
  • Smt. Vibhavari Gole. (My Injury Back and Coccyx) view details
  • In between 2009 to 2010, all most a year I have a complain with my stomach, I get fell down for two times, therefore, I have got injury at my back, in that I have recovered a lot, but on 18 April I again fell down. Due to that my back bone and coccyx has not injury. There I loose my back and feet energy. By holding of two people where I was not able to stand. All my natural process I want to depends on others, but with a lot of difficulties in between on 26th April by Muktapeet has a Article published of Dr. Chandorkars treatment, which has get known to me. According to that we has called him and started the treatment. The treatment starts on 6th May, within 8 to 10 days, body has started to move. There energy uses to get utilized. When it was stopped slowly body energy get increased. My health gets improved slowly which was being felt by me. Fin fill middle of June I use to get stand with help of other for a some time, slowly my energy is getting up. From 20th July, I use to stand with myself, without anyone’s support. From month of August, with the support of walker, I use to walk 4-6 yard. Slowly – slowly my walk was increasing. At the end of August with help of walker I can take one or two round at my home. And now it show remarkable improvement, at the end of September, with help of stick, I can able to walk around 4 to 6 year. For me which was impossible its became possible, therefore I have increased my support, within few days, I was confident that with help of stick, I can take a walk.

    (This is her written by own that from next month she was able to walk with stick. In house she was able to cook in kitchen. In future she’s stopped her treatment. Today, due to publication of this book she is not live. His soul gets blessed with us. Her experience will enlighten to those who are suffering from disorders.
  • Shree. Baloba shribhakt Kangane (Age 83) : Injury of Spinal Cord. view details
  • I specify in my life’s an important incident. In our building while getting down from staircase, I get slept. My back gets injured. I went to orthopedician. After my x-ray report, he says that my back gets pressed and started treatment but after two to three month I was not feeling better. The doctor has advised to take complete bed rest. My medicines were being continued but my pain never has come down. I was tolerating complicated pains. I was feeling that I am not able come out of this, but my son has advised to take treatment of Dr. Yogesh Chandorkar. I thought that I have taken treatment of so many specialist with this there is no problem to start this treatment. I was not able get rid of my bed and not able sit for 5 minutes. But Dr. Yogesh Chandorkar has done my treatment by telephone. Only within 15 days I felt better in my health. Slowly-slowly my pains slow down. For one month I have continued the treatment and now my pain has stopped completely. Now can sit for more than three to four hours, I can have a walk inside at my home. Pranic strength therapy is the best treatment, for the sufferers, where there is no-medicine, non-inverse treatment is possible. People will not believe but according to my experience I mention that Pranic Healing is effective and the strongest therapy. So effective method we have people is not aware off, but Pranic Healing therapy method is one of boon to others. I am highly obliged with Dr. Yogesh Chandorkar. From him I got my new life. The person’s suffering from disorder it should reach to them and I will try the best.
  • Shri. Mahendra Kadam (Continuous Sound coming from ears and knee pains.) view details
  • Past from 2 to 3 years, I was getting knee joints, sounds coming from ears, and sometime I use to sleep my balance from one side. On this I have taken a lot of medicine, depends upon a lot of protocols, but use to get temporary relief. Again after some days I suffered from same disorder. Therefore, I faced a lot mental as well as physical problem. My family also gets badly affected. One day my wife read the article about Pranic Strength therapy method which was published in ‘Sakal’. We both of us having a trust with Naturopathy therefore we have taken an appointment by telephone and started treatment of Pranic Healing. With them on 22nd Nov. 2011, has taken treatment for the same. According to them, we have continued the treatment on telephone. In one month, we have observed the changes. Further in next month, we have observed 78 to 80% changes. Afterward my pain has completely recovered. Due to sound in my ears, I was not able to sleep. The disorder of knee pains is completely waved off. Hence self confidence was increased.

    People should take advantage of this therapy as much as possible and desired to be getting off from the disorder. We are very much obliged with Dr. Chandorkar that he has made me free from illness.
  • Mrs. Rushikesh Borkar (Giddiness) view details
  • I am from Jejuri, near Kolevehar. From 21st December 2011, I have got a sudden giddiness, these two years before in my school; I got giddiness for two times. Therefore, I have performed C. T. Scan, ECG etc. many report/treatment has been done. I have consulted with hypnotic as well as neurologist and Ayurveda doctor also. Even though I never use to get relief but some day later my giddiness was stopped. I felt that I had recovered completely. After one year later again when I went to school I had felt giddiness. One day we have seen an advertisement of Pranic strength therapy, in the news paper. We have called Dr. Yogesh Chandorkar and told about my entire problem. And he had given an assurance that he can cure this disorder completely.

    We have heard this kind of treatment for the first time and whether I can get well from this and felt? Even thought we went to the Doctor and he had started his treatment. Slowly-slowly I felt better and now I have recovered completely.
  • Shri. Kishore Thorat. (Lumber Pains.) view details
  • My profession is a Liaoning therefore I have to keep busy my self continuously. Means there is a flow of standing in my profession I remains standing for a long time. One day I have started to feel all of sudden lumbar pains and never get stopped. Day by day slowly slowly it was increased.

    My friend Shri. Supekar advised me to take Pranic Therapy and on this subject has given me some information. He has told in this treatment method without any kind medicine is given all disorder of the body is get cured.

    By heart, at the first, I have not kept any trust on this; I told him that I will do it as to keep him happy but on next day he asked me again. I have given him some reason and told that, I am going today that day means on 15th Sept. I went to consultancy of Dr. Chandorkar, in his cabin he’s started his treatment. What a miracle for me? With in a few minutes I have found change in my pains. The Doctor told me that you can also take treatment by telephone. It is possible that you can have treatment in the systematic way. In this way duration of treatment for eight days, as such I have started treatment for eight days. One day by day my lumber pain has lowly slowly lessens down. Truly it was done miracle to me. Within eight days may lumber pains was completely stopped. This happiness, I can not able to express in terms of words.

    I thankful to Dr. Yogesh Chandorkar and Smt. Amruta Chandorkar and all the best for their works.
  • Smt. Anjali Kanade (Hypertension and Insomnia) view details
  • I never like to have drugs and medical treatment from my childhood and I was having a lot of fear for this. From two months I have started severe headache. Compulsory I want go to Allopathic doctor for the treatment. It was observed by diagnosis B.P. was (240/120) increased. Therefore, he starts medicine immediately. In between in month Feb. 2011 ‘Pranic Strength’ article is read by my husband. I decided to take the treatment. (Perhaps he knows the side effect of Allopathic medicine) We went to the Dr. Yogesh Chandorkar and had started the treatment. On my first day onwards after the treatment I have got a lot of relief and with his treatment I will get well soon as this trust I have developed. According to his instruction we have taken treatment for 15 days. Within 15 days we have seen my B.P. as came to the normal and completely my medicine was get stopped. A fabulous but due to trustworthiness effect, my husband had decided to learn this therapy. Now he has learnt about Pranic Healing and working as a part of ‘Niramay consultancy’.

    In between June 2011, I have started a problem of insomnia and again I has a lot of tension. According to the Allopathic doctor has advised to do B.P. and neruo test to start the treatment. Hence with my old experience and trust Dr. Yogesh and my husband has started the treatment of Pranic Healing.

    Continuous for 3 weeks with stress and no sleep, with the help of Pranic Therapy I am able to sleep naturally and without any drugs. Due to natural sleep the small and big complains of the world and personal has been vanished away. 21st century’s expensive treatment method and natural enrich of health and to get happiness, that Pranic Healing treatment method is a complete reliable therapy. This is a ‘Key’ to eradicate physical and mental disorders.

    The method should reach to the people who are suffering various illnesses and the patient who are under stress, they should take benefit out of this. This I pray to the god.
  • Smt. Vaishali Dinkar, (Arthritis) view details
  • I am Vaishali Vilas Dinkar, stay at Sangamner, in Dist. Ahmednagar since last 18 year I was suffering from arthritis were I have done all patties as recommended by others, I felt good but and have not cured from this. From last 4 years my allopathic treatment is going on. But my complains are there permanently especially shoulder ache and knee joint pains are getting sever pains continuously. The doctor has advised for knee-replacement almost in month of March 2009, suddenly my pains was increased. I have taken steroids but pains were not coming down. My friend advises me to have treatment of Homeopathy. They have stopped my pain killer, without this I am not able to move. I have to take support or I am not able to work. Due to Homeopathic treatment, I have a limited movement for a few months, but where I am not able to use staircase. Hence it became difficult me to go outside or out of station. I have started serajem acupressure therapy parallel to my medicine with this I have got little relief. But there was no changes found in my total condition. Therefore, again a though came in mind whether I want re-start the allopathic medicine because I was depressed a lot. In March 2010, I went to Pune in my daughters house, I have get consulted with renowned Rumotologist where I have gone through all the investigation i.e. scan, 2-D echo.

    I have spent a lot of money on this. On this time March 2009, in ‘Sakal’ – Mukatapeet, I have gone through article of Smt. Nileema Risbud, that came in my mind. But on that time my health was not good, so it was neglected. My son was there in Pune that time. He had inquired about Pranic Healing. I will say that I have got ‘Aladdin’s Flame’ in appearance of Dr. Yogesh Chandorkar. It was not possible me to visit his clinic personally therefore with photograph of mine he had started my treatment of Pranic healing. He told me that you will feel better after 4 to 6 month and it is not required to do knee joint replacement surgery. I last date was 30th April 2010. I felt remarkable improvement in me and I continued the treatment on phone only when I perceived better improvement then he had given treatment for alternate day. In this period my father gets dead. Due to this I have traveled by railway from Sangmner to Nagpur for two terms. But especially I have not found any complain of this. To mentioned this because I met personally on dated 23/7/2010 to Dr. Yogesh Chandorkar, I have expressed him my illness of 3 to 31/2 month has been waved off and allopathic therapy has also get stopped with Pranic Strength treatment my Homeopathic and acupressure therapy is also going on I am sure that all my pains will be get well soon as immediately. Its found miracle in me, my husband Mr. Vilas Dinkar has completed his basic course in Pranic Healing.

    I am very much thankful to Shri. Yogeshgi and Smt. Amruta Chandorkar that they had survived me from expensive treatment of knee joint replacement with a short span of time. This my experience should shows a way to all and solution to the suffers. This I pray to the ‘Shri Swami Samarth’.
  • Shri. Aanand Jawdekar (Gang-lean) view details
  • I was suffered from gang-lean illness for last 2 years. In this disorder our tissues get clotted and develop swelling in some part of the body. After coming pressure on the palm of the hand a pains start. I am working in I.T. industry. In my daily routine work there is a lot of use of mouse and key board. After finishing work around 3 to 4 hours, I starts pain on my hand.

    Orthopadic doctor advises for operation and to do Biopsy. But according his advice there will be no relief after the operation that to stop pains / try to slow down the pains. But recurrence of swelling will occur and vein can get damaged. In this condition possibility of a lot of pains, I get confused to his advice. Now what is further that there is no permanent treatment. There was a big question in front of me?

    Myself as well as my wife recommended that if you have any curable or non-curable disorders, you should take the advantage of this. All the best! to Dr. Yogesh Chandorkar for his work through ‘Niramay Consultancy’.
  • Anjana Beske – Age 50 years. (Defect in Larynx) view details
  • Our family reside at Wagholy nearby Pune – we have barely income, we sale biscuits, toffee and chocolate at school of our village. We earn a little with our hard work.

    In all this condition from last 8 to 10 years which was not affordable doctor’s treatment, non-bearable knee joint pains as well as for last 2 years urinary blockage complication. Every month for this I use to go with urine passing treatment at once. Every day I use to consume 5-7 tablets and to go for check up 3 – 4 times in hospital. But pains was at it is. I had prepared with mind that I would like to suffer with this only.

    This all I should not be disclosed to anyone or what therefore, from last one year I developed a complain of speaking. While talking, I use to get unbearable pains in my chrat, the same condition while eating. The doctor told us that operation is required.

    ‘Treatment without medicine’ this information, we came to know by the News paper No. 1. Someone has told his clinic is in Pune, I saw a light of expectation but to go it was difficult. Niramay consultancy’s one of the therapist Dr. Kande is use to stay at Wagholi, that we came to know. Told him to visit at our home for the treatment where he agreed for that.

    On date 22/2/11, he came to our home, shared the information and started the treatment and further by telephone continuously take the treatment as he told. To know about treatment or to know about therapist, to get out of this disorder is a very important for me. As from doctor’s instructions, I have started the treatment continuously with trust. On from first day only I have observed a change in me and then my level of confidence was increased. On the fist day I have told to Kanade sir, about my knee joint pain (not to say all my issues at the stretch). But my knee joint pain has come down from 1 to 1-1/2 month. i.e. pains has come down as a large extent, where my movement has stared i.e. walking, sitting, standing and with in this two months where words has started to come out from my mouth which was stopped from last one year. The problem of urination was completely cured. My medicine were totally stopped and to doctor also. Now I have full of confidence that I will get soon as early with all this disorders.

    I am highly obliged to Dr. Kanade sir and Niramy Consultancy by bottom of my heart.Thanking you.
  • Psychological Problem : view details
  • (It is an experience of psychological disorder person therefore we are hiding a name.)

    It is an experience of mine which is a truly personal. After your reading, you all will be surprised that the mental disorder can be cured, without medicine. I suffered this disorder for last 18 years. No one could believe this but this is a true experience of mine, because most of the personal relation has got spoiled due to a competition. Person can suffer from mental disorder because of isolation.

    During my female child pregnancy, condition was very critical. It was told me to have bed rest. I was alone. My husband was busy will his business. Then use to watch T.V. program for whole day. On that time one (T.V. Serial) has to come, I don’t remember the name, in that serial with every episode, they us to show one death of the person. Afterward preparation of funeral rites, they use to burn the pyre. I got a effect of this unknowingly and on that time in-front my building in – two death has happened. All this readiness/inclination, I use to see from my window and this thought has entered in deep mind of mine that I am going to die one day, this can happen with me also people will burn me my existence will be destroyed. Till to day I was fearless and I got thrited from in side Throat becomes dry and body become exhausted. There was sweating on my cheeks and my mind was not working, only this that has conquered to my mind. 24-hours I have thought of this nothing other use to come in my mind. I have tried to bring it out but it was became a difficult. The shock of apprehension was not able to come out. Other all my daily routine was doing well but this mental disorder is not nearly to get read away.

    When my daughter was one year and 5 year, on that time I was consulted to a renowned two psychatricians. Both them has given treatment of 2-2 years and they had told clearly that you are not having any problem, so don’t come to us.

    Ok! Physiatrist treatment is over, what’s next? I was getting the problem is unbearable. Only my husband was able to understand my issues. Its beer continued for 24 hours. i.e. 24 hours irrelevant thought, tremendous fear, palpitations to get exhausted, I was performing my duties with a lot of care. But I am not able to take test of any festival. All beauty of life has been disappeared, only I am able to see my death! Because I never use to live in that moment, I use to live in moment of future where my death is there! I was got apprehended from inside.

    In this condition I went him. In just 2-3 sittings, they have told with confidence that you can get well soon immediately and I well do that. Now your worries are mine. Live all your fear with me. If you find any apprehensive moment, give a call. What trouble you are suffering from, I well heal you. Don’t feel hesitation to call me any time.

    It made me feel good. After hearing to him, because you are going get well completely, I will do well. To tell in this way, till today no has met Me., to go tell anyone they only consider me as mental. I getting tossing about, this all trouble is only understood by my husband and it was understood by Dr. Yogesh Chandorkar. He had not considered me as mad; he understood my trouble and fear. Confidently assured me that I will get you away from this complain. I have gone away with his treatment for 2 months. When I use to get more trouble then in a day two –two times, use to take treatment on telephone. After two months, I was suffering a lot of trouble, that day; I had given a call at 10.30 pm. where it treated me on phone. After from that day at night I have got nice sleep and in morning remember now, I am not feeling any fear. I have checked with my mind again and again. But really I felt, I don’t have any fear. From last 18 years, I was suffering this disorder, suddenly it happens with me, where both of us not able to believe. But it was a truth. It was a fruit of two months.

    Afterward he had cured knee-pains and back-ache which I was suffered from last 10 years. His thanks if you consider that is a little. Therefore, I feel to say, in today’s competitive world man is not able to evaluate therefore many people are suffering from physical-mental disorders. Even with treatment of a lot medicine, they are still having the trouble. In this people should take advantage. Today I am experiencing beauty of the life and leaving with each moment of life. I feel ‘once again new’, therefore, this written word, happens same about you.
  • Menstrual Cycle Problems and Fibroids view details
  • At the age of adolescence, I have got frequent complain menstrual cycle. I was depending upon pills to start and stop for menstrual cycle. Otherwise bleeding has to continue for 2 to 3 months. It uses to get unbearable pains. After marriage there no difference was occurred. There was many lump (Fibroid) in my uterus, therefore, I was having uncertainty in my menstrual cycle and I want to suffer a lot of pains. ‘Tragedy of female birth’ whom to tell? What to get read off pains. Hence for 15 days, ( ) injection course and pills use to take. Again 15 day passes then same cycle has to repeat. I was got fed up with this kind of life. By consuming medicine continuously, I have got swelling on my whole body. I was feeling fatigue and heaviness, at last decided to remove uterus.

    In between, someone had told about Niramay Consultancy, and taken me to clinic by my husband. I was not able to walk and sit. We met Dr. Yogesh Chandorkar and shown him all my reports, told about my complains and decided for the operation.

    Doctor has given us a confidence. For treatment he told me to phone per 2 hours. If you trouble doesn’t come down then go for operation other it inform to don’t do, according to him treatment was started, I had observed a change in me, it was made me surprise, therefore, avoided to do operation. Continuous of his treatment, menses cycle has come in regular, pins have come down and bleeding has get overed with 5 days. Lump of the uterus has also come down, report are found to be normal. Body’s swelling has come down. Due to injection where lump has developed that also get waved off and got mental relaxation.

    In all, it happens good news with me, that after 18 years, I became pregnant. Once I was in mind removal of uterus, otherwise I was not able to taste of happiness. But grace of god, he’s showed me way in face of Dr. Chandorkar. I don’t have words to thank him. His not thanks from bottom of my heart.
  • Complication during Pregnancy view details
  • I have become pregnant. As days past, my fetus was growing. In month seven, I have followed al the required rituals. Everyone was in happy mood. Everything was very good. As seventh month is overed, eighth month in progress, during sonography reports, it has been observed that uterus has shifted downwards, therefore delivery will be going to happen before time, and complete (bed-rest) has been taken. But tension remains permanent with me, as from my sister-in-law has come to know about ‘Niramay Consultancy’. My husband went them with my photograph and on phone they have started my treatment. It had made a miracle that my uterus came to its original place.

    In that month once again has created a tension environment. At babies surrounding the umbrical tube was get obstructed, immediately requirement of caesarian. I have done a telephone to Dr. Chandorkar, he told to take treatment, he had started the treatment. Next sonography reports shows that the obstructed unblical tube has got released. Afterward embryo walve has become dry. This is recovered by the treatment of Pranic Healing.

    In this condition, the period of pregnancy i.e. (9 month and 9 days) has been completed but there no signs are denoted, feeling uncomfortable, getting complication also. On phone, I had given me a treatment when told about this. Doctor assumption was that he would like to perform a caesarian section for the delivery of child, but at night 1.30 am. The child has been delivered with normal. It was an exciting journey of my child had of nine months, nine days. It was happened comfortable with Pranic Healing. In this, there is no doubt.